Damania Marine | Life Jacket Light/Immersion Suit Lights Model JKS
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Life Jacket Light/Immersion Suit Lights Model JKS

Life Jacket Light/Immersion Suit Lights Model JKS

Technical Specifications:

  • The main source of power for the Life Jacket Light is Lithium cell and the unit has 5 years of shelf life.
  • Life Jacket Light output is more than 0.75 cd power in all directions of the upper hemisphere for more than 8 hrs.
  • For bright light and long life LED is used.
  • Light unit is provided with main unit.
  • All components are made from ABS orange color plastics moulded material.



  • The Life Jacket Light at the bottom side has two terminals provided for water activation. Also, a manual ON & OFF switch is provided for manual operation.
  • On immersion in seawater/freshwater, activation will take place within a second.



  • Life Jacket Light/Immersion Suit Light are manufactured as per the latest requirement of LAS code and IMO resolution MSC 81 (70).
  • The approval is given by IRS Mumbai. Certificate No2013TAC031, dated 15th July 2013 .
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September 25, 2018